Southern Spain (and Barcelona too)

Southern Spain (and Barcelona too)

I am headed to Andalusia/ Southern Spain

Home to Moorish castles like the above pictured Real Alcazar (Water Gardens of Dorn to Game of Thrones fans), gorgeous gardens and good food!

I will be meeting with various tour operators and investigating experiences across the country.

Feel free to follow along and send me your questions too.

What do you want to to know about the Andalucian region of Spain?

AdiĆ³s por ahora!

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La Mezquita and Calleja de Flores

Colorful CordobaPosted by Lauren Rock Fri, April 20, 2018 00:09:35
Cordoboa is a UNESCO world heritage city. It's most famous landmark is La Mezquita, an immense mosque dating from 784 A.D.that became a Catholic church in 1236, and had a Renaissance-style nave added in the 17th century.

Part of the outer wall that surrounds the complex
The main hall

Some of the Islamic carvings on the walls

Here you can see Islamic era arches, along with the columns and church added chapels along the sides.

Altar of the church that took over and is within the pre-existing mosque...

And it's ceiling....

View of the entry wall and courtyard from the top of bell tower added by the church

Cordoba is also home to the famous Calleja de Flores - street of flowers. This lovely alleyway is lined with flowers and has a wonderful view of the Cathedral tower.

Cordoba's Jewish Quarter was home to the famous Jewish philosopher Maimonides

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