What do you want to know about Peru?

I am heading to Peru for 3 weeks of meetings with fellow travel professionals; visits to famous sights; trekking and tours with various vendors.
My mission is to experience Peru first hand so that I can direct my clients to the right Peruvian adventures for them.
What places do you want me to report back on?
What questions would you ask the local Peru pros?
What foods do you think I should try?
Follow along with me and give me your feedback, questions and queries. It should be a great adventure!

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Magnificient Landscapes and Scenery

Trekking to Machu PicchuPosted by Lauren Rock Fri, July 21, 2017 16:06:05
My last past focused on the culture to be explored in the Sacred Valley. This one shows just a sample of the magnificent landscapes and scenery that surrounds you as well.

Herds of Alpacas and Llamas abound while glacier covered mountains beckon in the distance.
Notice the "emergency donkeys" on the trail. They follow along carrying water, oxygen and a ride to whomever may need it. Happily no one did!

The locals' "backyard". These ladies had laid out their weavings for us to peruse. The other main "industry" is Llama and Alpaca herding, potato growing, and Guinea Pig farming. However most people are living a subsistence lifestyle and do all this for themselves, not for sale to others.

It took us hours to hike from the town up to their home. A walk they take in far less time and make everyday. Including the local children who do so unattended by adults and often in charge of younger siblings.

Our guides treated us to a flute serenade to celebrate our getting to the pass at just over 14,000 ft.

I hope you enjoyed these shots though Peru is a place where pictures really don't do it justice!

Want to visit Peru? Contact me. I will prepare a trip tailored to your wishes.

I am also creating a custom small group tour for early June 2018. Experience the culture, history and majesty of the Sacred Valley first hand as you journey to Machu Picchu. Your guides will be highly experienced professionals who are also local Queuchuans and excited to share their history, knowledge and love of Peru with you.

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